Baby Driver: Edgar Wright, Turbo-fuelled Subarus & A Soundtrack of Dreams.

We all have the dream of hitting the road, playing some classic tunes with all the people that you love and appreciate. We also all have the dream of driving super fast cars and destroying the engine to its core. We all live in this world to have fun but sometimes having too much fun can come at a price and you could end up in the wrong.

Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’ is about a young, innocent driver by the name of Baby (Ansel Elgort). He grew up without a mother or father after a tragic accident which left him with a hearing impairment. In order to keep out the ringing in his ears, he listens to music to drown it out. Growing up, he landed himself into trouble with Doc (Kevin Spacey), a man who has perfected the art of car heists and bank robberies. With his talent to drive out of any situation, Doc uses Baby to do his jobs. However, Baby falls in love with a local waitress at a retro diner, Debora (Lily James) and wants to escape the world of crime to hit the road with his new found crush.

As a self-confessed critic of films, I try to find the faults in any picture I see. I have to be honest, anything that I pick out is small and unnecessary to mention. The film was made to perfection. No corners were cut. Edgar Wright is a wizard, he manages to transport you from gritty, dirty cars chases to loving romance within seconds without even realising it. The music was the icing on the cake, it’s what made the film even more enjoyable to watch. You found yourself mesmerised by watching Wright’s vision whilst subtly enjoying the soundtrack of dreams.

You can tell throughout that Ansel Elgort enjoyed playing the part of ‘Baby’. With his innocents looks, he still manages to make himself gritty enough for likes of the hardcore, experienced actors such as Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey. Both Foxx and Spacey act out their roles with style and flare. Their experience oozes out, helping the likes of Elgort and Lily James, making them more comfortable to fulfil their loving roles. Lily James is so seductively elegant and sweet, a character which you can’t help but fall in love with. The ideal woman, in my eyes anyways.

Like I said, I have no faults to pick out. One minute, we are in the harsh darkness of Quinten Tarintino’s mind then we are strolling through Richard Curtis’s romantic grasslands. Edgar Wright has managed to create a masterpiece, throwing in techniques and styles from other directors to create his own, unique brand. This made me feel something inside of me, and you know a film is great when it does that. I felt that feeling of love and passion but now I also want to drag and drift a turbo-fuelled Subaru round a racetrack. Better not drive for while I think, I might get caught for speeding.

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