Romantic Films & Why I Love Them.

When it comes to talking about film, my friends and others will always ask me what’s my favourite genre or what’s my favourite film. Now, I can never be taken seriously apparently when I say that it’s romance and romcoms. Believe me, it is.

Growing up, I would watch films non-stop, whether they be on television or we went to the cinema as a family. My parents tried their utmost hardest to get me to read a book and teachers at school always had to force me to read but that never worked. Of course, I know how to read (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog!) but I was always happy watching films. It wasn’t till an English class in year 9 when we watched Forrest Gump, I remember my classmates found it boring and tedious. However, I watch it and concentrated on every scene and movement. I would say that Forrest Gump was one of the first films to make me express true emotions. I understand that each character is fictional and none of the stories are true. Nevertheless, when a film has you at the edge of your tether, you can’t help but wait to see what happens.

Romantic love stories and romantic comedies are what makes happy viewing for me. My favourite romance film, at this point in time, is About Time. Again, it’s another one of those films where I am so passionate about each of the characters, are they going to fall in love? are they going to get back together? is he going to kiss her or what? When I sit and watch a romance film, I can feel my face smiling and grinning away like an insane human. If anyone else is in the room, they would most likely think there is something wrong with me.

Honestly, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching other genres but seeing a couple fall in love throughout an hour and a half or so with all the obstacles in between is entertaining for me. It’s an easy genre to watch. I also remember growing up, I would never watch horror movies. My brother and dad would always sit in the front room watching it whilst I sat upstairs out of the way. I’m not saying I hate horror, I just don’t find it pleasurable to watch. It’s an adrenaline rush for sure, I went to see Alien: Covenant with a few friends a while back now and I liked it, I did, but I hated the fact I knew something bad was coming.

I know the stereotype says that I should be watching films with explosions, cars and provocatively dressed women in, but I’ve never been a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise and I never will be. Take me to see the latest romcom over the next absolutely ridiculous Michael Bay film any day. Try not to look at my face though, you might think something is wrong with me.

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