Friends From College: Is this what I am going to be like in 20 years time?

Right now, I am going through university with multiple friendship groups that I am a part of. Going out on the lash and having immature jokes together is what we do, sophistication is the last thing on our imaginary lists to have after university. Nevertheless, there is always a point where we have to grow up and be adults and take life more seriously, not go out on ridiculous nights out which we will never remember in the morning.

Friends From College, a Netflix original series is based on a group of friends that haven’t all been in each others company for the past twenty years. Things have changed within their personal lives but nothing has changed when it comes to the immature senses of humour between them. Old flames are then re-lit, making it difficult for everyone to have a sufficient friendship with each other.

Keegan Michael-Key (Ethan) is outstandingly funny. I found myself relating his character to other people I know and also some characteristics I would put to myself. A loveable, hilarious, bubbly character that has a never-ending energy. Creators, Nicholas Stoller and Francesca Delbanco magically bond these individuals together and create an in-depth intriguing story line whilst keeping everyone interested with the hilarious comedy throughout. Each character has their own defining characteristics; Cobie Smulders (Lisa) plays the average wife but still sexy. Anna Parisse (Sam) plays the hot mistress but is troubled herself. Jae Suh Park (Marianne) is the Asian girl that doesn’t get that much attention. Fred Savage (Max) is gay but is struggling to keep his relationship alive and Nat Faxon (Nick), well, plays just some guy they hang around with but gets involved with things he shouldn’t. Each character is funny in their own way, timing themselves perfectly to the scene with Keegan Michael-Key leading the orchestra of comedy.

At times, I did laugh out loud and when people say they do that, they usually don’t. I was laughing at the awkward handshakes that were given and hiding behind the cushion at moments that were way too awkward for my viewing. The humour was immature, reckless and youthful. There was always something to laugh about, no matter how you are watching this. It reminded me of watching episodes of Friends and Big Bang Theory. Except it doesn’t have a laughing track dubbed over the top when to laugh. That ends up being you, you end up laughing to yourself with no one around you. You’re the laughing track.

Friends From College is an easy binge series to watch. Enjoyable and laugh out loud funny. I can’t wait for the next series to be released. I want to know what happens next, let’s hope they all stay friends…


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