War for the Planet of the Apes: Caesar. Strong. Performance.

A planet of apes isn’t far off from what the world is becoming. Especially when you’ve got one in charge at the White House. Nevertheless, a strong leader is something the whole world likes to see. Caesar is definitely one of the strongest. Leading an army of apes to a free world.

War for the Planet of the Apes focuses on the aftermath of Koba’s mistake of taking on the humans in a war they couldn’t possibly win. Caesar (Andy Serkis), the ape’s leader, the one everyone looks to for safety, is hiding in the forest away from humanity until an army comes to kill the apes and Caesar for spreading an incurable disease which leaves humans speechless. The Colonel (Woody Harrelson) manages to kill some of Caesar’s closest family leaving Caesar angry, wanting revenge for his doing but isn’t this similar to Caesar’s brother Koba’s thoughts? A deadly circle has come back around leaving Caesar in a predicament, does he get revenge or does he stay safe with the rest of the apes?

Personally, I have been a huge fan of the Planet of the Apes franchise. It’s one of many franchises I actually enjoy keeping up with unlike the likes of Transformers, Pirates of the Carribean and Fast & Furious which all I have become bored of. With how far cinema has come in general, the original Planet of the Apes is nothing compared to this. Andy Serkis’ performance as Caesar is strong and captivating, previous films did not focus as much on the emotional connection towards the apes but Andy Serkis’ acting abilities manage to make audiences feel something towards these animals. Humans were mentally becoming apes, thinking and imagining themselves as apes even though we are still human. There was that much of a connection that I felt although I was on the side of the apes, I would be much safer with the apes. If for whatever reason, this was real life, I would sacrifice my voice to be safer with the apes. Rather than become a human which hungrily destroys a clever and ever-transforming creature.

Like I said, since the first films were created, the franchise has been transformed with CGI effects. The apes felt and looked realistic, especially with the addition of talented actors like Andy Serkis, Steve Zahn (Bad Ape) and Karin Konoval (Maurice) playing and acting out their actions to perfection. The addition of Bad Ape was clever. It levered a lot of the seriousness off of the film, with his comedic inputs and scared antics, the “Golem/Dobby” like monkey gave the film something to laugh about and that apes aren’t always serious. Amiah Miller (Nova) is something to look forward to. The girl that Maurice saved will be interesting to see and how she progresses throughout future films. Her performance throughout was mediocre, I wasn’t fully impressed but I haven’t fully got to know who she is yet. It’s difficult to get to know her without a voice but is she going to be a hindrance to the apes in the future or is she going to be what gives peace between apes and humans? We will have to wait and find out.

References from the first Planet of the Apes films makes it exciting to what we are going to see next. They are definitely not “milking the cow dry” as they say like much other franchise series are doing. The next film is something to look forward to.

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