Naked: Marlon Wayans may be in his birthday suit but this is nothing to celebrate.

It’s the night before your wedding, you and your best man decide to go on a night out. You don’t remember a thing in the morning but wake up naked in the lift of the wrong hotel, what do you do? I have had my fair share of memory loss the next morning after a night out but this would come under the most extreme consequences.

Naked is the new Netflix original film to hit our television screens, following Rob Anderson (Marlon Wayans) as he tries to discover what he is doing wrong to be repeatedly stuck in a lift, butt-naked. It’s the day of his wedding and he definitely doesn’t want to let his future wife, Megan (Regina Hall) down at the altar.

A ridiculous but surprisingly humorous film. The plot has been used many times before within films like Before I Fall & Groundhog Day, in fact, a very similar storyline. The punchlines were effective but did lack in areas. What made it so upbeat and viewable was Marlon Wayan’s performance throughout. His expressions and over exaggerations were what made the jokes more humorous as they went along. He’s naturally built into this type of role. I think the film was purposely made not to be taken seriously. It’s a film which you can watch easily and gather what is going on throughout without missing anything important. It’s nothing special.

Confusing is probably a word that pops into mind. At the end, the situation is never explained to how he actually ended up in the lift. You do find out who it is that puts him there in the first place but how does that person keep continuously putting him in this time zone? It’s never explained. In the end, you don’t really care, you’ve sat there and had a chuckle. Unless you don’t find the film funny at all, then you will find the film utterly horrendous.

If you are currently sitting on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket cocoon and can’t be asked to move, then I definitely recommend giving this a watch. I hope that when I get married one day though that my stag night doesn’t end up like this. I hope my best man is supportive and doesn’t potentially ruin my big day.

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