Riverdale: Cole Sprouse enticingly delivers the story of Jason Blossom’s death whilst K.J. Apa gets all the girls.

American high schools are the epicentre for hunky football jocks, stupidly attractive cheerleaders and apparently spontaneous deaths. Netflix seems to have the obsession with death in high schools. 13 Reasons Why was another series Netflix had a hand in but that is very different compared to Riverdale.

Riverdale is the setting for the series and also the name of Netflix’s hit series that stars Cole Sprouse, playing Jughead Jones, a keen writer who is documenting the happenings of Jason Blossom’s death. The killer is still in the town of Riverdale but with the town not having much from an old diner to a run-down outdoor cinema, Jughead and his friends decide to take it into their own hands and try to solve the mystery.

Not only is Cole Sprouse a very attractive human being, he is the important jigsaw piece to this intertwining mystery. Delivering his views on the happenings in Riverdale, he keeps us interested in what the town has and keeps us on the edge of our seats, making us addicted to the drama. Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) is essentially the one leading us through, taking us to each of the individuals that could be involved with the murder. The series is like playing a game of Cluedo, you are finding out along the way new information that has an important role in the murder and Lili Reinhart is the one pushing the pieces around the board. She may look innocent and sweet, but she has her mean side behind the adorableness. K.J. Apa (Archie Andrews), now isn’t every guy watching this series jealous of you. He may be helping solve the mystery but at least he’s having fun with all the women before it’s solved. Gingers are stereotypically left out of the equation but it’s safe to say that the women have a thing for Archie. Getting with the music teacher before rejecting Betty to then flinging with Veronica (Camila Mendes), moving to Valerie (Hayley Law), forced with Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) then finally going back to Veronica again. I’m jealous and also out of breath from the thought of even having a thing with all these attractive women. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was clever with his selection of actors and actresses he used within the series. He’s had experience before with Glee in a similar setting and he pulls it off again. He takes you on a journey of love, discovery, death and manipulation to create an intense ride through the small but larger than life town of Riverdale.

This might be irrelevant but I am really interested to know, do people carry around ladders with them all the time in America to climb up to unsuspecting people’s windows to greet them? It baffles me because if I did that here in the UK, I would probably get the police called on me by the neighbours. I find it funny but if that’s something you do over in America, do your thing. Nevertheless, I do love the setting. Riverdale is perfectly set with a simple diner, basic houses, a local elementary school and homegrown businesses. It’s been imagined just right. There is nothing too extravagant as the plot is what is most interesting about the series. The town around them is what makes them look better and give a more intense feeling to each episode.

Easily, this has been one of my favourite series to watch. Over the summer, I have done nothing but go to the gym every day and binge-watch the latest series on Netflix, and this has been another binge viewing. You feel although you live in the town, you personally want to know the latest gossip and find out who’s next on the list of suspects. It’s thrilling and entertaining, you’re not only trying to find the killer, but you’re also waiting to see who Archie gets with next or to see which family feud is reignited. I can’t say too much without ruining the plot but I am looking forward to the new series coming in October.

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