What Happened To Monday: One child is the limit but Noomi Rapace thrillingly plays seven.

What would you do if you have septuplets? Seven girls, all under one roof. I would be out of my depth and I wouldn’t know what to do, especially as a single parent. However, if the world’s population was over the limit, then I would do anything to keep the girls safe.

In a world where families are limited to one child due to overpopulation, What Happened to Monday is based on a set of identical septuplets. Ingeniously named after each day of the week, they set out into the world each day, one at a time to make a living. However, when their secret has been found out, they do anything to try and beat the government and stay safe in a changed society.

The art that goes into this film is simply extraordinary. Noomi Rapace (The Settman Siblings) not only has to play one but seven identical characters. No matter how difficult that may seem, she manages to give each character a different personality and doesn’t show any signs of weakness throughout. Many talented actors would struggle to play seven identical twins but Noomi Rapace takes the bull by the horns and runs with it. Throughout, she does not step out of place interchanging between characters and that is something to be amazed by. As talented as Noomi Rapace is, she did not write her lines. Max Botkin and Kerry Williamson do not leave a detail untouched. They created a whole new world. Overpopulation is something to be afraid in the future and the writers make it truly something to be scared of. Tommy Wirkola envisioned the writers work and displayed it perfectly within his direction. Usually, in films that are set in the future, you can pick out imperfections, but each difference had an explanation. You understood why that was put in place and was then not confused by the meaning of it. It’s easy to understand and the fact that we’re not that far from the world becoming overpopulated, it makes it more scary for the viewer.

This action thriller is a new lease of life, a refreshing take on what the future could be like if humans are not careful. The action stunts performed throughout were expertly directed; I find that most action scenes become repetitive, but with the characters all having different personalities, they all take on the fight in a different and respective way, creating a sense of freshness to action.

Overall, What Happened to Monday may not be hitting the cinema screens but to be able to watch an award worthy action thriller within the comfort of your own home is great. Especially as Netflix is ten times cheaper than going to the cinema. it’s safe to say though that if I have septuplets, I will probably come up with more inventive names rather naming them after days in the week. Ingenious but lazy. Nevertheless, an enticing, enthralling and refreshing action shocker to enjoy.


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