Death Note: Nat Wolff tries to outsmart death but becomes his new toy.

You have the power to kill anyone in the world, who would be your first victim? Mine is pretty obvious. Donald Trump, get rid of the useless idiot. Maybe Teresa May next, politicians clearly aren’t my favourite people in the world but they are quite annoying, right?

Death Note is the latest release to hit our Netflix screens. The story follows Light Turner (Nat Wolff), a young bright teenager who has been chosen to obtain the Death Note book. He has the power to write any name inside and describe how they are killed to receive his death wish. With Ryuk (Willem Dafoe) by his side, he is able to kill the world’s most wanted from the tip of his pen. However, the student-turned-vigilante is now being pursued by a famous detective known as L (Lakeith Stanfield), he is wanting to stop him in his tracks and find out how he is mastering all of these spontaneous deaths under the name of ‘Kira’.

First look at this film, you would think it’s scary and something that would keep you up at night, but it’s nothing like that. Willem Dafoe puts on a great performance, voicing Ryuk. He may look like the most terrifying death god to ever exist but once you get to know him, he becomes this humorous, spiked up fellow. The fact this has been reinvented into a feature film from an anime series, you see the length’s they have gone to find the right actors for the job. There are times though where it does feel rushed. For example, Light is the main protagonist and you feel throughout you should know more about him and who he is but these are very briefly skipped over with acute references to bullying and the mother’s death. I fully understand why they made this into a feature length, but there is a reason to why the anime series was so successful. A more in-depth storyline, more anticipation and highly developed characters are formed over a longer period of time, not over an hour and a half. The premise is made for long form storytelling.

All of that aside, I did enjoy where this film was trying to go. It gave a new angle to crime dramas and investigational pieces. The supernatural, fantasy element makes you imagine if this were to happen in real life. It spurs on those creative brain cells and of course, like I said at the beginning, makes you think of who you would choose to write in the book. In all honesty, I would probably be too scared and not even approach writing a name in the book with an evil spiked up fellow in front of me. Messing with death is not something I never want to encounter.



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