Shot in the Dark: Three back-stabbing agencies frantically fight it out for the hits.

What would you do if you were a witness to a crime? Would you call the authorities first or would you get it all on tape? The majority may call the cops but it’s all about getting it on tape. News channels want the biggest stories to come on their channels and these daring videographers are willing to do anything to capture the biggest story of the night.

Shot in the Dark follows three film companies, also known as stringers in the business that are willing to risk their lives to capture the breaking news stories in the city of Los Angeles. RMG Media, OnScene and Loudlabs are all against each other to cover the city and get the hits that are needed to keep them in business. However, with it being a cut-throat business, all of them are willing to do anything for the money, whether that means selling off stories for cheap prices or jumping in to save a man’s life from a burning car.

A dramatic and intense series, you become fully involved with all the drama and antics the three businesses are going through. Howard Raishbrook, Scott Lane and Zak Holman have their businesses all set up and ready and the intensity between them all is so addictive. After watching the first episode, you go back to watch more because we, as an audience, enjoy danger. We get a thrill, a buzz, just like they do when the adrenaline is rushing through their veins. Each of them plays their own characters within the series. Howard and his brothers with RMG Media are the underdogs, the company which has been going on the longest but are not at the top of their game due to the competition being so high. Zak and his team are the top dogs, with the biggest team out of the three, Zak controls everything and is top of the league. However, over the years, Zak has worked with many stringers and Scott is one of them. Owner of Loudlabs, Scott is the cocky, obnoxious, big-headed, dangerous cult leader. He is the one everybody is afraid of, but he has every right and is definitely making himself known within the business.

The fly-on-the-wall style works so well in capturing their emotions, especially when they are battling against each other. As much as that is only part of their persona, we feel like we know who the good guys are and where the villain is going to pop up next. You wouldn’t think that it’s real but as the series goes through, you become attached to each person and their lives. The gaming style, the GTA meets Snake element makes it even more enticing. Each assigned their own colour, ready for battle in the city of LA. Who’s going to get their first? Who’s going to get the hits? All these questions running through our minds, making our hearts race. The hunger for money and success is real.

This is what a reality series should be like. These are individuals I believe in and what they do is something I have an interest in. The drama is real and what happens next is literally a life or death situation. Nothing like watching Kim Kardashian getting a perm and chatting about how her sister is being a bitch to her or whatever that program is about. This is what reality television is all about, these are real stories and these are the individuals prepared to risk their lives to get it on camera. The game is not over until the night is over.

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