Christmas Inheritance: Daddies Girl Eliza Taylor fails to impress in the Netflix holiday movie battle.

You are the daughter of a father who owns a multi-million-dollar company, you would do anything to keep daddy happy, right? A daddies girl is someone who is pampered and spoilt by her father too much. Someone who relies on their father to get them whatever they like and of course, daddy has to oblige to keep her daughter happy. A type which can be related to a lot of girls you may know. I sure know a few who fit into that category.

Ernie Barbarash’s Christmas Inheritance is latest holiday movie Netflix has released. Ellen Langford (Eliza Taylor) is the daughter of Jim Langford (Neil Crone), a successful business owner who is prepared to retire and hand over his business to the heiress herself. However, being such a spoilt child, she needs to learn about the companies past and the traditions they hold. In order to inherit the company, she must travel to Snow Falls to deliver the letters by hand to Uncle Zeke (Anthony Sherwood). She meets Jake Collins (Jake Lacy), a man of all trades who shows her around the town but her fiance, Gray Pittman (Michael Xavier) wants her to come back to New York and leaves this traditional, miniscule town behind. Does she follow her daddies rules or does she go back to a spoilt lifestyle?

christmas inheritance

During the holiday period, Netflix are adament to impress with their latest christmas releases with A Christmas Prince and El Camino Christmas. Christmas Inheritance is the latest competition to fight against the other originals, but it’s a weak attempt at trying to create something new. Ernie Barbarash tries to build up our spirits but fails in trying to create realistic performances from his actors and actresses. Eliza Taylor, as gorgeous and as beautiful as she is, she doesn’t create a convincing performance in making us feel the spirit of Christmas. With Michael Xavier as her fiance, he does nothing to support her and makes it feel more fake than it already does. The new love interest in Jake Lacy is droney, boring and particially zombie-like with the way he tries to show his affections. At least Xavier acted like a dick like he was supposed to. Throughout, you are constantly wanting to feel the spirit of Christmas but instead, your face scrunches up into a ‘smelling gone-off milk’ state. It’s an uncomfortable watch in terms of acting.

If you want to put something on that has a Christmas spirit fuelled plot, watch either A Christmas Prince or El Camino Christmas. Unlike the other Netflix originals, its like they didn’t put that much effort into this one. It lacked in realism and mistakes were brushed under the covers, making mediocre performances look even worse. In order to make me feel the spirit, you need to convince me in a plot worth investing in. However, lines were surely edited to make sure continuity was clear, making the writers look bad, even my little cousin could create a better plot with his imagination. Disappointed considering they had a great start to their stream of holiday-themed films. Not worth the time.

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