Trying something new…

Hi everyone,

My name is Edward Fuller. I’m a student from Oxfordshire, currently studying Media Production at Coventry University and I wanted to try something new.

I am aspiring to become a documentary film-maker but I have other passions which involve making YouTube videos on my channel ‘checkouted’ and a newfound desire to become a presenter.

It’s safe to say that I am creating a lot of paths within my journey in life. This blog could be a new addition to the paths that I have already started. To be honest, I am new to this whole blogging scene as I am more of a vlogger. I like documenting parts of my life, sharing them online with my friends and others who like to view them. You could say that ‘checkouted’ is my brand that I have created for myself. Yes, my name is Edward Fuller but ‘checkouted’ is a part of who I am now, as cringy as that sounds.

This blog is going to be a place for me to talk about the parts of my life that I don’t record with a camera. I would love to go around with a camera all day and show the world what I see. However, I do have a life and I don’t want to be sitting in my room editing a video all day. Don’t get me wrong, I love making videos and editing but it’s very time-consuming.

Without me blabbering on, I’m going to make this brief. My aim with this blog is to produce daily content and share opinions on different subjects whether that be within film, music, food, fitness or even politics (highly unlikely but nevertheless). This is a personal space for me to let loose and get my words across straight.

I am trying something new and I would like you (whoever is reading this) to be a part of it.


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