GLOW: Women Wrestling? Why not!

Wrestling, a rehearsed sport in which men dominate in primarily and Netflix, a platform which defies all stereotypes and makes every viewer become a binge viewer. G.L.O.W. also known as Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is the new series to enter the Netflix bingeing atmosphere and it certainly makes a bold entrance into the ring. Wrestling for entertainment, women for the sex appeal, a combination which surprisingly no one has come up with yet until now.

The series follows a group of abstract and unique women, set in the 80’s, on their journey to becoming a group of strong, powerful female wrestlers. Ruth (Alison Brie), a young woman struggling to get into the acting world finds herself auditioning for the television programme as desperate times come to desperate measures, finding herself struggling to even eat as she’s got no money. The programme follows her and her links with the rest of the women taking part in the G.L.O.W. wrestling programme.

‘GLOW’ was definitely a series in which I binged watched, it took me approximately 4 days to complete. Alison Brie plays the part of Ruth and also her alter-ego, Zoya the Destroyer. I found her thoroughly entertaining to watch and I wanted to see how she developed throughout the programme, a character which you can’t help but want to know more about with every episode. Saying that however, I found that in some of the episodes, the story and plot went too quick, I felt they could have gone into more depth about specific plots. Like I said, she’s a character I want to know more about, but I guess that’s the point, the clever people in Netflix and the creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, wanted us to think. I guess I am now going to become one of those impatient viewers, waiting for the next series to come out.

Aside from that, it was something completely different, something a lot of viewers would never tend to watch and a lot of creators would struggle to think of. The whole 80’s aspect gave it the extra edge. The bright florescent colours, sparkling glittery eye shadow, volumised hair-dos and provocative costumes exhumed classic 80’s vibes. I never lived in the eighties of course, but I can definitely imagine it being something along the lines of this.

If you are over the age of 18 and you will watch anything on Netflix for entertainment, this series is perfect for that. It’s easy viewing, especially when all want to do is watch all the episode straight away. Netflix, once again, has made us lazy and sofa-bound. Hypnotising the world into the seat position, we will never know how they do it.

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