When We First Met: Cautious Adam Devine miraculously finds himself under Ari Sandel.

Do you ever find yourself in the friend zone? I know I have experienced it first-hand being in the friend zone, awkwardly hugging girls that you secretly have a crush on but don’t dare reveal your feelings. It’s happened to the most of us. Unless you are super attractive and just perfect overall that you don’t get it at all, then you sir/madam, are one lucky motherf*cker.

Ari Sandel’s When We First Met follows Noah (Adam Devine), a young man who has pining love and a mass of feelings for Avery (Alexandra Daddario), the girl he meets at a house party on Halloween. Bonding over the night, with people all around hooking up together, it’s all going well for Noah. However, as it comes to the end of the night, Noah thinks he’s getting lucky but Avery gives the ever annoying friendship hug, passing him into the friend zone. If only there was a mysterious way to change the happenings of that night… 3 years on, Avery is engaged to the man of her dreams. With a photo-booth time machine, does Noah get the woman or does he realise what he has been doing wrong all this time?

We all love watching a comfortable, easy-to-watch comedy from time-to-time. Something you can easily flick on without giving a care to the world and not really listening to what the story is. Ari Sandel gives us that, with a bit more attention to detail in areas. You are still involved with the story heavily but you don’t care how they got to that point. You follow the characters emotions and are in-depth with their relatable personas. Character development is what makes this film funny.

Adam Devine. An actor considered to be just thrown about from comedy to comedy, basically playing the same character over and over again. Yes, he is essentially playing the same character as he always is, the fun, lovable, slightly chubby cute guy who doesn’t get much attention. But, in this, he connects with the character more than his previous films. He’s actually funny. Alexandra Daddario is the perfect support to help Devine. She’s not your stereotypical, modelesque actress. She’s beautiful but they both connect, making them feel more like a couple that should be together. Shelly Hennig, who plays Carrie, is a surprising act. You think you can predict what’s going to happen but she levers the film onto a different track.

The narrative is something that has been played with time and time again. Hot Tub Time Machine (2010), Naked (2017), Source Code (2011), the list goes on. With incorporating the comedy aspect and relatable characters, not only is this a film that is easy to understand and watch, it’s an enjoyable film to watch with friends and family, maybe not so much family but you get what I mean.

Funnily enough, I put off watching this film for a while. I saw it as just another basic comedy which Netflix has thrown out once again. Give them where credit is due, I laughed, I cringed but most of all I felt connected. It’s definitely worth a watch, especially if you’re not moving anywhere with the current weather crisis in the U.K. You might as well wrap up warm and stick it on…


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