A Brief Analysis of MY 2018: From Graduating with a First to Working as a Video Editor.

So, how’s it going? I thought I would update you; those that actually read these posts and unload my thoughts down onto a screen, so to speak. The last couple of months have been… pretty surreal. Admittedly, it has been a while since I last posted, no excuses this time. However, I have joined another film reviewing blog, What the Flick feel free to check out the reviews and other posts on there. I’ve written spotlight pieces on the likes of Domnhall Gleeson and Richard Madden and I also blurted out my thoughts on the films I watched on the way to New York!

2018: it’s been a crazy year for me. In January, I was stressing over my final project at the university along with organising the end of the year degree show. Thinking back to it now, it was all worth it in the end. I got the grade I wanted. My aim was to finish university with a first-class degree. I’ve spent all that money, you’ve got to get the highest grade, right? I graduated in November, thanks to Coventry University and their weird timings. It was an amazing day, having my family there, especially my grandfather who helped me by being in my final project. He got to see me collect my certificate and he also shed a tear when he saw me in my gown. Not sure if that was because I looked like an absolute tit or he was genuinely proud of me. All jokes aside, my graduation day was on-point, I celebrated with all my friends and family and remember all the good times we had throughout, even if most of those were getting drunk until we couldn’t walk.

In any case, I spent my summer working in the back-pits of Marks & Spencers, sounds great, doesn’t it? Aside from that, believe it or not, I did go to my first music festival this summer in the Isle of Wight. I also spent most of my time watching England get through to the semi-finals of the World Cup, which I presume most of the country was consumed by, not just me. However, finishing university to then working in retail is not the greatest. It’s probably something I could have avoided if I was smart about it but it happened. As soon as I started working there again, I wanted to get out. I was applying for everything and anything to do with media. It wasn’t all bad in Marks, I made some good friends whilst being my loud and annoying self, surprisingly. 3 months of working there, I soon landed into a job; possibly a dream job.

I work as a Video Editor for a small business in Eynsham, Oxford. I primarily handle social media pages for, if you didn’t guess already via knowing me or looking at any of my social media pages, the Whitehall family. I have been working on Jack Whitehall’s YouTube content now for the past three months and I don’t think I could have wished for a better start into the media industry. For those who don’t know me, I am the biggest fan of YouTube and the content and creators that come out of the platform. From the likes of KSI to Niko Omilana; I personally keep myself up-to-date with what is happening. When I found out I would be working and focusing on Jack’s content, I was over the moon. I will admit, the job does have its ups and downs, but the ups definitely overshadow the downs. To see more pictures of me basically showing off (not intentionally), you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

There aren’t many places I’ve travelled to multiple times but New York seems to be reaccuring holiday location. This November, we went to New York. My brother and parents had never been before but this was my third time. I didn’t complain about this because I love New York. I did have to go and see a lot of the same sights I had seen before (I know, feel bad for me) but then I did manage to sneak in some different places. I had never been to Madison Square Gardens. My brother and I went to go and see our first hockey match. To be honest with you, I was expecting more fights and brawls but I happy nevertheless. I also stood outside in the cold 5 hours straight to see the Rockafella Christmas tree light up. To anyone that is thinking of going to see that next year; don’t, definitely not worth the back pains in the morning.

Do you know what I will say whilst writing this? I am terrible at remembering at what actually happened during the year. Obviously, I remember the good bits but seem to forget a lot of the rest, whether they be bad or good times. Nevertheless, my aim this year will be to try and keep track of every day, maybe start writing in a journal of some sort, who knows, I probably will forget to do that come the 1st of January when I am stupidly hungover.

2018 has been a great year for me. My aim for next year is to carry on doing what I love and continue moving forward. 2019; who knows what you’ve got coming for me, let’s hope it’s good.

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