A Star Is Born: Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper hit all the right notes in the electrifying remake.

Do you ever feel like you have a hidden talent worthy of being seen by the world but you’re forever held back by other people’s misery? We still have the likes of talent shows producing mediocre talent at the best of the times but finding a real gem within the rough can be a real sense of achievement. Bradley Cooper takes on the challenge of directing an old gem and remaking the 1976 classic featuring Barbara Streisand. With it being his first stint within the directing world, he has already captured the hearts of many and managed to get himself up in the ranks, being featured in the listing for Best Feature at this years Oscars. It’s no surprise with Lady Gaga by his side he has risen with an amazing soundtrack to go along with but does the film do it all justice?

A Star Is Born tells of the journey of Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper). A famous singer-songwriter with everything he could wish for; money, fame, a lavish lifestyle, but due to his troubled past, he has succumbed to the rock and roll lifestyle of drink and drugs. On the hunt for a bar one night after a show, he discovers the talents of Ally (Lady Gaga), a part-time waitress who turns into a lyrical diva in the middle of a gay bar. Realising the talent she possesses, Jack puts Ally in front of a crowd to sing, excelling her career and putting her into the spotlight. With their relationship blossoming, Jack’s career takes a turn for the worst as Ally continues to progress. Will their love for each other stay strong or will fame tear them apart?

With Bradley Cooper taking the original into the 21st century, Lady Gaga aids Cooper into pushing it through. This is the pop-stars first big-screen starring role and she sure has taken the bull by the horns. Gaga has big boots to fill by taking over from Barbara Streisand but she shows experience and no weakness within her role as the rising star. With her Cooper by her side, it’s very difficult to go wrong. This is, after all, Cooper’s vision. He had a clear detail of how he wanted to reinvent this film and he has given it his own twist. Additionally, he had help from Eric Roth, amazing screenplay writer, known for his work on Forrest Gump and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, to mould his vision into place. Cooper is a man of many talents and he proves it within A Star Is Born.

The stand-out feature throughout the whole film is the soundtrack. Understandably, Lady Gaga’s voice propels the film’s narrative and accompanied alongside Cooper’s grizzly tone, it makes for hit tunes to sing-a-long to. If anything, their chemistry on-screen was brought together by the soundtrack. Their relationship was made believable for their love of music and as the story developed, you could see their love for each other blossom. Bringing her expertise to the film like director Frank Pierson did with Streisand in 1976 makes the film what it is. Cooper’s efforts to not stray too far away from the original has paid off and he has made Gaga a star within the film industry.

As much as I hate to say it, A Star Is Born is one of the weaker candidates to win Best Feature at this years Oscars. Bradley Cooper is likely to be pushed aside when it comes to Best Actor and Lady Gaga will struggle to come close to either Olivia Coleman or Yalitza Aparicio. However, if it does not win Original Song for Shallow, then I don’t know what will. Anyways, one last thing I will say is, and I know he has a partner, but Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, get together already. We can all see it…


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