The Circle: Technology takes over the world? No, thanks. 

Technology is developing on a large and fast scale within phones, tablets and even satellites. We are able to connect with each other quicker than we have ever done before. ‘The Circle’ is James Pondsoldt’s image of the future. The Circle is a place for everyone to be free and open to the public. You are able to look at what others are doing within the circle program and view how well employees are performing at work. There is a massive community to be a part of and Mae (Emma Watson) makes herself an established member of this community, performing extraordinary acts to keep Bailey (Tom Hanks) out of the picture but all falls into a huge controversy when everything goes too far.

OTT is how I would describe this film. Over the top and completely ridiculous. I am personally a huge fan of depictions of the future. It’s one of my favourite genres alongside romantic comedies believe it or not but this was a let down for me. Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors of all time, ‘Forrest Gump’ and ‘Captain Phillips’ is what I imagine when I think of Tom Hanks. However, he is now tainted in my brain with this average performance of becoming a community organiser, a tech-snob act, the role didn’t suit him. I imagined him knocking at my door as a salesman, don’t get me wrong, he can sell any product, but door-to-door salesmen annoy me, and he annoyed me in this film. Emma Watson, a lot of people’s celebrity crush, including mine, but after watching this, she’s stale. She’s been left out on the side for too long and become… boring. Lastly, John Boyega (Ty). One word: pointless.

The technology; what a mess. When viewing a film based on the involvement of technology, you want to believe in each piece of tech. The ‘SeeChange’ cameras; a camera the size of a golf ball. Supposedly, hidden from everyone’s view. One scene, in particular, the audience viewed a street from a birds-eye view, asked can you see the cameras, the audience replies no, then showed where the cameras were placed so “no-one can see them”, everyone in the audience applauds because they are so fascinated they couldn’t see them. Of course, I can’t see them but not everyone is the Green Giant from that sweetcorn advert. Everyone on the ground, for sure, can see a golf ball-sized camera. The other technology that was shown was on the same wave-length, they tried to make us, the audience believe that these were viable ideas for tech. Maybe someone will prove me wrong one day, but all the technology and programs were like a kid imagined it all and no, James Pondsoldt is not 7 years old.

I am a believer of being open, open to new ideas and open to telling each and every person who I am, but privacy was demolished in this film. We are never going to live in a world where there is no privacy and everyone has a camera on them 24/7. Oh and apparently, in the circle community when you become “transparent”, you’re only allowed to go to the toilet for 3 minutes with the camera turned off. Sorry, but what happens when you’re having a bad day and for example, you have diarrhoea. “Hi everyone, yes I am still on the toilet because I have got explosive diarrhoea” *camera points to toilet*. Everyone needs their privacy. No one can ever become transparent.

‘The Circle’ is not a perfect one. A roughly drawn and poorly directed mess with the ridiculous imagination of a 7-year-old. That is my opinion, a harsh one it may be but I can only be truthful.


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