Mudbound: Dee Rees’ masterpiece of a stomach-churning tale from America’s divided past.

America is currently in a state of being divided on the opinion of whether Donald Trump should be in charge of the country. In my opinion, he is not worthy of the place he has been given but it’s something we have to live with. Like America’s divided past, it’s the subject that comes back to haunt them where white supremacy is a strong topic we see in our local cinemas and on our home television sets. Mudbound is the latest film to hit our Netflix subscription boxes with the gut-wrenching tale of America’s past behind it.

Mudbound follows the story of two families living in rural Mississippi, working on farms to earn a living. Laura (Carey Mulligan) and Henry McAllen (Jason Clarke) move with their two young daughters to start a new life and move away from their past. Their neighbours, Hap (Rob Morgan) and Florence Jackson (Mary J. Blige) become accustomed to their new neighbours but soon become owned due to the colour of their skin and the political status of the current situation in America. Jamie (Garrett Hedlund), the brother of Henry, goes to fight in the war as does Ronsel (Jason Mitchell), son of Hap. After the war is over, both move back to Mississippi with their families and soon become friends, bonding over sharing stories from the war. However, in a state where a friendship like this is frowned upon, the town begins to notice and decides to take action, destroying friendships and trust within both families.

The film heavily relies on the development of each character and telling their individual stories. Carey Mulligan shows excellent prowess and seductive class acting as Laura, performing to the best of her abilities, poetically expressing her emotions as the story goes on between her and Henry. Dee Rees ambitiously tells a novelistic story over six perspectives with each having their own poetic monologues. Throughout, you have to listen and when you listen, you hear the emotion within the tone of their voices. You relate to each character without realising, they all converge into one. It follows the broad themes of love, war and racism within a small group of people, yet they all connect and you feel angry, scared and relieved all in one motion.

Netflix has made an original to be proud of. This is a film worthy of being viewed by the masses. A film worthy of awards and if it doesn’t get that due to it being broadcasted only on Netflix, then this piece of art will forever be under-appreciated. The character studies are fascinating and I don’t think you can truly pick out anything that makes this film bad. Perfectly made and makes your stomach turn in anger. I have so many words to say about this film but I don’t know how to express them. I have watched many films that have moved me but this is easily one of the most powerful films this year. Goosebumps were formed and a shiver went down my spine. Truly fascinating watch and a film to remember.



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