El Camino Christmas: Expect the unexpected with David E. Talbert’s comedic “holiday-themed” movie.

When it comes to Christmas time, you want to get into the mood. You want to start consuming unnecessary amounts of warm, mince pies with cold custard (yes, COLD!) and sit in and watch everything to do with Christmas to build up the spirit. On the rare occasion, however, something may be gifted to you and not be exactly what you expected, unless it’s a Lynx perspiration gift set from your great auntie Susan. You knew exactly what to expect.

El Camino Christmas, directed by David E. Talbert, is latest Christmas film to hit our Netflix subscription boxes. Eric Roth (Luke Grimes) sets out to El Camino to find his long-lost father after the passing of his mother and meets a drunken fool who could lead him the way. Along the way, he meets Kate Daniels (Michelle Mylett), a single mum with a child that is unwilling to speak who lives with her lonely, desperate mother. Whilst on the pursuit of his father, not only does he meet Kate but he also gets himself into trouble with the law as Deputy Billy Calhoun (Dax Sheppard) and Carl Hooker (Vincent D’Onofrio) search into his background and the real reason into why he is in the town of El Camino.

If you’re expecting to see sparkling snowflakes and cute reindeers, you’ve come to the wrong place. Set in the middle of a deserted town in some place within America, it is an ingenious way to create an original Christmas movie worthy of seeing on our television screens. David E. Talbert keeps everything to do with Christmas out of the film and only has minimal suggestions to show that it is Christmas. That is what makes this so entertaining to watch, further emphasising the comedic value of the film. Michelle Mylett is absolutely stunning and Luke Grimes is the perfect match for her. With his experience, Mylett is allowed to express herself and their connection and the onscreen relationship is nothing but inevitable. Tim Allen knows his way around a typical holiday movie with being previously the main man in The Santa Clause franchise. This time he is seen in a completely different light. No longer is he your loving Santa Clause but he is now your local drunk. Comedically on-point and gives the audience the unexpected. Dax Sheppard and Vincent D’Onofrio are a strange partnership. Being a comedy, sometimes their punchlines weren’t hugely effective, maybe a slight improvement could have been made on their characters and be developed more. 

Everything about this film is unexpected and that is what I found most enjoyable about it. There are too many holiday films that we watch continuously and they become repetitive and boring. El Camino Christmas is definitely a film to watch this Christmas. It’s refreshing and brings new light to a standard, predictable genre. Christmas movies are like your great auntie Susan’s, you love them to pieces but they are always so predictable and obvious with what they are about to give you. Maybe this Christmas, you might get an upgrade on that Lynx perspiration gift set…


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