Atypical: Creator Robia Rashid continues ingenious dramedy about people on the autism spectrum in her new series.

Living on the spectrum is difficult for anyone, you come across new challenges every day and it can become daunting. A neurotypical will often assume that their experience of the world is either the only one or the only correct one. People on the spectrum experience the world in a completely different manner. They see and take on situations differently to what the next person may find easy to handle.

In this season of Atypical, Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine) goes to a different school where she meets the rest of her classmates, only to discover the deep meanings into her sexuality. Elsa (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Doug (Michael Rapaport) try to fix their relationship after Elsa cheated on Doug with another man. Finally, Sam (Keir Gilchrist) tries to understand his feelings towards Paige (Jenna Boyd) and whether they are in a serious relationship or a casual relationship, all whilst trying to come to terms with not seeing Julia (Amy Okuda) and deciding whether he will go to college or not.

If you read my post on the first season of this, you’ll know that I am huge fan of the series, so I was expecting big things for the second series of Atypical. The series continues with it’s non-stop laughter, the jokes may be crude and you may feel bad for laughing at someone with a disability but this dramedy involves the audience with every moment. Robia Rashid continued to write ingenious comedy whilst orchestrating all the madness together, interconnecting different sub-plots.

The series follows Sam’s reactions to different situations and how extreme someone with autism can get. It highlights the bullying, support and misidentification to the autism community and the struggles they face. Keir Gilchrist has been a part of a fair share of short films, features and other television series but this truly highlights his acting abilities. He not only acts accurately but he subliminally teaches audiences and that is all down to the clever writing from Robia Rashid. Following all of the different stories happening within the family makes you feel for Sam. He thinks he is a part of a supposedly ordinary family but they are far from it. With Gilchrist as the pin point, everyone is working effortlessly around him, supporting his role, making the series humorous, enticing and emotional.

You are a part of the Gardner family. Throughout the series to come, you are going to grow up with Sam and Casey, live their lives as they do, discover things you are yet to discover. The authenticity of the family leads you wanting more, you wish you could be a part of their lives for real, help them through their struggles. I honestly cannot wait for the next series. Will Casey discover her true sexuality? Will Sam come to terms with living away from home in a completely new environment? and will Doug ever forgive Elsa for doing the unforgettable? Robia Rashid, I will continue to brown-nose your writing and creation; just whatever you do, don’t let anything bad happen to Sam and his new adopted penguin!

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